Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does he or doesn't he

It's funny how when you stop looking for a relationship there are suddenly a ton of opportunities. I'm currently flirting with the possibility of dating Jacob. Everyone says that he only comes over to talk to me and blah blah blah. So I'm giving in and trying to get a feel for the situation. He is a great guy, and he has done some really nice stuff for me and my friends over the past three years or so. It feels like he's a part of the group, and I like that. The problem is that he is so shy. It's kinda hard to get to know him, and it's so hard to sense the tone through his text messages. So I don't know if everyone saying he likes me is just what they think, or if he actually does. If he does, then things are moving really slow. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm impatient. And now I've got all the thoughts in my head because I'm a girl and over think things WAY too much. Dating is just so awkward. How do just go up to some one and say "I like you. Wanna go out sometime?" It's so much easier said than done. And I wouldn't want to turn the games into an awkward situation for everyone, not just him and I. I just can't be the one to go out on a limb like that. I have been hurt way too many times, and maybe he has too. I just wish I had a better feel for things, and that he wasn't so shy sometimes. But either way, it's nice to have a decent guy to focus on for once. :]

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble gobble

I'm at work and the phones are broken. So I'm getting paid time and a half to write this blog. Enjoy!
Things I'm thankful for:

The much improved relationship with my parents
Dad's cancer treatment going seemingly well
Pretty much the most amazing friends I could ever ask for, even if they can be terrible influences on me and my checking account
The fact that my sister came to her senses and is not moving to Colorado, even though it would have been nice to have the upstairs all to myself
DVR, I love it and cannot imagine life without it
Hockey, for keeping me sane and giving me a sometimes healthy way to vent anger
The Predators, for kicking ass this year and proving all the haters wrong
My Blackberry, for making it easier to keep in touch with Sarah without killing my text messages
My job, so many people are struggling and I am so thankful that I'm not in a position of having to worry about how to pay my bills
My parents for believing in me and not letting me get down on myself even though this semester has been really hard on me

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm wearing cranky pants

I don't like having my family in town. My house is annoying enough as it is. The holidays stink. My grandparents came into town, and I'm just not in the mood to deal with the snoring, snide comments, and all the other crap. I wanted a stress free Thanksgiving, but instead I've been barred to my room because it's the only place I can get anywhere close to peace and quiet, even though they snore in the room beneath me. I can't watch TV because they are always talking over it. I will cut someone if they interfere with me watching the Predators game tonight.
I have a crick in my neck, which makes answering phones pretty painful. Why is this day terrible? Is it Friday yet?
Maybe while I'm at work tomorrow I'll type up a blog about being thankful, but today I'm not thankful, just cranky.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm not emo, just a lot going on

Since I last wrote, I had an amazing trip to see Sarah and her husband. I had forgotten how much I loved just talking to her. I've missed that a lot since she left, but it was really nice to get to catch up and spend a week out there. I can't wait to go back.
But after that, things kind of fell apart. School and work turned into things I dreaded.
Starting with school, I have been killing myself studying for accounting since our first test. I got a 64 on the first test, with not so much studying. I studied at least 14 hours for our next test. I walked out thinking I had done really well. When he gave them back on Thursday, I was proved wrong. Really wrong. I had gotten a 51 before the gracious 3 point curve. The best score was a 93, and two people got that. What pissed me off even more than him making a big deal about giving us a 3 point curve, was that when we were going over the test, he had those who had done well write the problems the rest of us had trouble with on the board. I'm sorry, but it's not the student's jobs to show us how to do these problems. They don't get paid for that. This is the worst professor I have ever had. He reads us the powerpoints and does no examples. We're teaching ourselves, and I hate that. As an accounting major, I have to get a C or better in this class to move on to Intermediate Accounting 2. After getting a 64 and 51 on the two tests, I decided that it was all but impossible for me to get that grade. Barring some kind of miracle or an act of God, I will not be making a C in this class. I made the decision to change my major to General Business. I need 2 less classes for that degree than I needed for accounting, so I will only have to take 12 credit hours the next 3 semesters until I graduate. The kind of degree doesn't matter; I just want the degree. I have no idea what I want to do after college anyway, so we'll see. Needless to say, I will be ripping my professor a new ass hole when we do evaluations.

As far as work goes, Keshia left about a month or so ago. We all knew she would eventually because she wasn't happy and she never got to see her daughter. She moved to days over at the internal medicine clinic. They finally hired her replacement. It was an outside hire, so she knows nothing. I had to train her in scheduling last week, and needless to say, it was awkward. She seems nice enough, but no one can ever replace Keshia. She's not doing the group leader job yet since she's still trying to learn everything, but I'm still not sure how this is going to work out. The heifers on the other shift still won't work for me when I need them to. I stopped saying yes everytime they try to get me to work, so I'm standing up for myself. I also had to work by myself for 2 days the other week because Jennifer broke her ankle. I wasn't a happy camper.

According to my Facebook news feed last night, Scott got engaged. I didn't even know he was seeing anyone. I hate that he was still texting me as of a couple weeks ago, but never mentioned a thing. I'm not sure I'm ok with this. The more I think about it, the more it bothers me. Ciara told me it would be easier on me to delete him from my friends list, but it's definitely easier said than done. I'd like to say he doesn't mean anything to me, but that would be a lie. There is way too much history, even if it's not as recent as it once was. I've moved on enough to where I'm fine with other guys now, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. Part of me wants to get some guy to throw in his face, juvenile as that may be. Seeing this on my news feed last night just killed me. I tossed and turned all night and have been going over it in my head all day. The bitchy side of me hopes she's ugly and as emotionally inept as he is. The latter must be true if she's agreed to marry him.

Throwing that on top of a crappy past couple weeks, it's just been rough going around here. Plus side, the Predators game was pretty awesome last night. At least that part of life seems to be going right.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging instead of packing

I am so excited to be going to Arizona tomorrow. Tennessee has slowly been driving me crazy. And I have missed having Sarah here to help keep me sane. It's going to be so much fun to get to catch up and hang out for a few days. We don't have any big plans, aside from going to Phoenix for the hockey game, and I like it that way. I'm perfectly content with just sitting around and spending time with them out there. It sucks that in the past two years, I've had two of my best friends move away. But it's good that they're doing awesome things with their lives. After school is over, maybe I'll get to leave too.
As hard as school has been this semester, I keep telling myself that after this one, there are only 3 semesters left till I graduate. I have to stick it out because there is no other option. I will get that diploma. These classes and work loads are much more intense, and I just have to learn to adjust. It's a learning process, and I'm taking it as I go. Doing the best I can, and figuring out that's all I can do. Trying not to worry about things too much.
I've got so much to do tonight and tomorrow before I leave, but I love to procrastinate. I am so nervous about flying, but I'm a big girl now. And I can't wait for some stress free vacation.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm a slave to the cinema

I am turning into a movie junkie. I love going to the movies. I love renting movies. I just love them period. In the past two days, I saw three movies in theater. Friday, Kaily and I went to see The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard. I got exactly what I wanted from it: dirty jokes and lots of laughs. Then yesterday Jenn, Kelly, and I saw Harry Potter in IMAX and then Inglourious Basterds. We had all already seen HP6, but Jenn and I had free passes, and I wasn't passing up that opportunity. Cried like a little baby again. I couldn't help it. The second film of our double feature rocked my socks! I used to be real in to gore and horror movies, but as I've grown up, I lost my taste for them. This movie threw me right back in to it. Quentin Tarantino is a genius. I didn't think it could get better than Kill Bill, which I loved, but Inglourious Basterds was awesome! It had the right mix of bad accents, cruel jokes, gore, and messed up plot. I don't have the weak stomach I used to when it comes to blood and guts. Kelly and Jenn had to look away at parts, but I was just in awe. It's definitely not a movie for someone who hates violence or has a weak stomach. But if you can handle a few moments of some pretty gross stuff, it's an excellent movie. Plus it has Eli Roth! How awesome is that? I'm excited for it to come out on DVD just so I can watch all the special feature stuff.
It was a WWII kind of week I guess. I had gotten Valkyrie from redbox earlier this week, which was also awesome. That was always my favorite stuff in history. Guess I'm just fascinated by the time period and all the things that went on. So naturally, movies based around that time always catch my eye.
To make a long story short, seen a bunch of good movies lately. And Inglourious Basterds is worth the watch.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just another Tuesday....

Since I have a few days off work, I have time to blog!
I worked for Ashley last night, and Keshia pulled me aside. She told me not to tell anyone, but I'm the only one getting a raise. All I can say is, Finally! I haven't had a raise since three months after I started, and I've been there for over three years. Every other person who worked in scheduling and front desk have gone. I've been on that shift the longest. I think the raise is well deserved, especially with all the BS I've been putting up with in the past few months. Keshia didn't say anything about her leaving, but she said she did apply for a job in imaging. She'd still be in the same building, but in the back. It would suck if she left, but I can honestly say I wouldn't blame her.

Kaily up and decided to drive to Wisconsin Sunday night. I'm jealous because I wanted to go, but had to work on Monday. She's only going to be there until Wednesday, but it would have been nice to get away for a couple days before school starts on Monday. It wasn't a good decision for her financially, but she;s never been good at managing her money. One day she'll learn, when she's on her own. It wouldn't have been wise for me to spend the money to go either, but sometimes you just need to get away.

Getting away is exactly the reason I took this week, minus Monday off from APSU. Everyone there was driving me crazy with the blaming, micromanaging, and constant BS. I'm sure Della wasn't happy, but it's not my fault she put stuff off that needs to be done this week. I feel bad for leaving Jackie and Colton, but it's just a few days, and Jackie won't be there Wednesday and Thursday because of training for the paper. Basically all this means is that Della will actually have to do work this week and won't be able to blame things on us lowly student workers. I know this all sounds very bitter considering she did give me a thank you card and a Sonic gift card, but it took all summer for any sort of acknowledgement. I don't need her to bow down and thank me every day, but I wish she didn't blow up the little things and ignore all the big things I've gone out of my way to do this summer. She will be lost without me after this spring. I love most of the other student workers and a few of the staff members, but I will be glad when my time there is over.

I think Scott and I are turning back into friends. We've been checking up on each other and being cordial. It's nice. This is what I missed about our high school days. After the first year or so, things got rough and the dynamic changed. It took us awhile to get back to this point, and honestly I wasn't sure we'd ever make it back, but I am really glad we're being like this. All along I thought I was missing someone I loved, in a romantic way, but I'm realizing that what I've really missed is his friendship. As far as people I keep in touch with, he's the friend I've had the longest. He may not know me as well anymore, but there's still a connection. I think I might always love him, but it's turning back into that friend love. And I am perfectly fine with that.

I went to the doctor last week. Basically had the beginnings of a sinus infection and possibly allergies. He also told me I need to watch my blood pressure because I might have hypertension. I was a little pissed because he didn't tell me what it was or what I could do to help my blood pressure. I scared myself by Googling "hypertension." Apparently, it can cause heart attacks and all kinds of scary stuff. That's the last thing I need to have on my plate. From what I read, I need to lower my sodium intake and exercise more. I've been working on the exercise thing because I want to look halfway decent when we go to Destin for Chastity's wedding in May. I'm just worried because my family has all kinds of health problems, so I'm not exactly starting with the best genes in the world.

In less than a week, I'll be back in class. I have four on campus, and then one online. Not sure how I feel about this online class, but they weren't even offering it on campus. Guess it'll be a new challenge. If I bought all my books in the bookstore, they were going to cost over $600. I about choked. It kills me to spend that much on anything, let alone books. I bought a couple online for pretty cheap, but several of them are brand new. So there will be no used books to choose from. Really wishing that scholarship money would come through so I can get them. I hate waiting until after classes have started, but that's the only choice. Hoping that the semester goes by fast. Counting this one, I have four semesters left in school. Two years sounds too long, so I think of it in terms of semesters. Thinking about it that way is kinda scary. I'm just not sure about jumping into the real world. I am an adult now, but that thought still scares me sometimes. Hopefully by graduation, I will have a better grasp on things.

That's about all that's going on here lately. Really going to try to keep up better with this and my other blog. It's a nice place for streams of thoughts. Better than babbling incoherently I suppose.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Job craziness

I'm not one to complain about work often. I'm of the belief that if you don't like your work situation, do something to change it. If you hate your job, get a new one. However, this past week really pushed me to the edge with both jobs. We'll start with Premier.

Last Thursday, the day before my shift started, Ashley texted me and told me I might be switching shifts because she couldn't deal with Heather anymore. Naturally, I was more than a little upset. I have planned several things around the weeks I have off. Changing shifts would have required me to take a lot of time off. I went into work on Friday and confronted Keshia about it. She immediately told me it wasn't happening. I am so thankful for that. It wouldn't be fair for Ashley to complain about dealing with Heather and have everything change just because of that. Part of being an adult is dealing with difficult people. If you can't, then quit. The rest of the week went by rather smoothly, until Thursday. I got every idiot patient on the phone, and I felt horrible to being with. On top of that, as much as I love Jennifer, she spends a ton of time on her phone. She always talks to Scott at least once while we're there. I'm thinking, "We work for two and half hours. Is it really going to kill you to wait until you get home to discuss how each other's days were?" Nothing is going to change that. And come February she'll be out with the baby. When she comes back, I can only imagine it will be worse. To make matters worse, Keshia told us she was probably putting in her two weeks notice. I'm not sure if she did, but I know she's wanted to for a while now. Whoever they get to replace her will not be as cool, that's for sure. I can guarantee Joy won't be back because she hated that job. The whole place is a big mess right now. This is what happens when a bunch of women work together. They need some men, besides the doctors, to calm the drama central that has become Premier Medical Group.

Switching gears the other place of employment, the APSU Admissions office has been a suck fest all summer. It's not as carefree as it was last summer. We get in trouble for everything, blamed for everything, and do everything. Della has royally screwed up a lot of things this summer, and I'm pretty sure she's gotten in trouble for them, so maybe it's getting taken out on us. We get more done than anyone in the office, yet if we have a conversation with each other and stop working for only a minute, they get on to us. We've been yelled at for cell phones, being on the internet, and talking. Apparently Jackie and I are supposed to keep Colton and Casey on top of their tasks. I'm sorry, but I'm not the supervisor. It's not my job to tell them what to do. There is no reason to put that responsibility on me. If you want Colton to do more work, tell him not me and Jackie. We've all been talking about how ridiculous the office has been this summer. It's not only me who sees the crap that's been going on. I'm tired of working my butt off to get in trouble for the little things. I'm also tired of being given projects to do, only to be interrupted while doing them. How am I supposed to get anything done if you keep throwing other things my way? Don't get mad that things are behind when you sit on the internet and phone practically all day. Della was griping yesterday that she was actually having to do work because Ryan had me and Jackie working on something. God forbid you lift a finger! I'm tired of being the only one, or ones because Jackie does help out a lot, doing things and then getting in trouble. I've all but made up my mind that I will not be working next summer, nor will I be trying to work study next year when my scholarship is up. I'm not going to willingly stay in that office any longer. We've broken our backs all summer without so much as a thank you. So, I don't want to hear them complain at all that I'm taking this Tuesday-Friday off. Without a break in the crazy, I might just go over the edge.

Is it bad that classes starting will provide a break from the craziness and stress?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's no surprise...

..that Daughtry was awesome. Jenn and I spent an amount that we agreed to never mention again on VIP tickets for the Daughtry show last Tuesday. We were supposed to be there at 4 to watch soundcheck and do the meet & greet. We got there at 4, and then stood in line until 5:30. It was an hour and a half before we got our VIP passes. Get this, they let us in to get those, and then we got back in line outside, in the rain. It was sprinkling for a large part of the time we spent standing in line. They let us in for soundcheck and the meet & greet. Jenn and I stood in the back; not trying to get pushed around with all the cougars that were there. Thanks to this, we ended up near the front of the line when we had to go back outside. The meet & greet was pretty awesome. I got hugs from 3 of the guys, Chris included. He also told me that he had been reading my Twitter earlier. How cool is that? I tried to use that to my advantage, tweeting later asking him to play "Learn My Lesson," but it didn't work. Jenn and I had our picture made together, so they let us take two. The second one, we all did something goofy, except Jenn cuz she hadn't heard. Both pictures turned out awesome and are on my Facebook. Then we got back in line outside. When they finally let us in for the show, we were right up front. There were two people between me and the stage. It took forever for the opening act to come out, and when he finally did, I wasn't impressed. By that time we were all hot and miserable. A girl had passed out, and the security guard had lifted her over the metal bar like it was nothing. She came back later and was fine, but it was a little scary. After that, they started handing out water. Daughtry finally came on around 9pm. At that point Jenn and I had been on our feet for five hours. The pain all but went away when they started playing. I didn't care about my feet anymore. I was just so excited to be that close to the stage. They played pretty much every song I love, with the exception of "Learn My Lesson" and "Used To". Can't say I was disappointed at all. I tweeted the set list, and I'll put it below for anyone who cares. Even Chris appreciated how hot it was in there. He kept spraying the crowd with water, which felt amazing. I've never been so hot in my life, but it was totally worth it. The cougars in that place were crazy. In true 'Kelsey and Jenn' style, we mocked them and laughed hysterically. All said and done, it was a great night, and I'm so glad we did it. Would never go see them or anyone in a venue like that again, but it was fun. Hopefully the next time they come to Nashville, we'll get to see them at a venue with seats! After about 7 hours straight on my feet, I have never been so happy to see my bed.

Daughtry Set List 09 as captured on Twitter
Everytime You Turn Around
It's Not Over
Ghost of You
No Surprise
Open Up Your Eyes
Over You
Life After You
Feels Like Tonight
There and Back Again
You Don't Belong

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It feels like we're living from paycheck to check

I got free tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy at TPAC this past week, and I took my mom. I was under the impression that it was going to be stand-up, but it was a taping for an actual Christmas special, complete with skits and whatnot. Needless to say, it wasn't as good as I had hoped, but it was free. We ended up leaving early because it was almost 11 and we had to drive back to Clarksville and be up for work the next morning. Billy Currington and Zac Brown Band were there, so that was pretty awesome. Can't complain about free tickets for something.
I had to put 4 new tires on my car this week, so that drained the bank account. It sucks knowing that all I did was work this summer, didn't take go to Chicago like I had wanted to, and I have no money. Really looking forward to the end of August when I get that money from school.
2 more weeks of this God-awful summer class. Never again, is all I can say.
I'm just tired. Tired from work. Tired from school. Tired from life.
I need a break from everything.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A list of thoughts

Just some random musings or bitchy comments for the day.
This seemed like a good enough thing to do while sitting at work with a headache.

Funny how you can not talk to someone, not texts, facebook wall posts or comments, or phone calls and get a lunch invitation out of the blue.
Friendship is a two-way street.
If you are taking adult steps it would be awesome if you could act like an adult.
I am so easily talked into things, it's not even funny.
Working all the time blows.
Working all the time and having no time to do homework for my class blows even more.
Summer classes are not fun if you have stoner professors who are lazy and want you to teach yourself.
I worked all summer and did practically nothing just to turn around and blow almost all of what I have on new tires. So much for karma.
I really need to get out of Clarksville, if only for a few days.
I really hope things work out for Phoenix in October, even though I have no idea how I'll afford it now. I'll work something out.
Why does it seem like everyone in Tennessee took a "How to drive like an asshole" class?
I'm glad I don't have hockey to cloud up my schedule right now.
My Dad told me I needed better hockey tickets, but refused to contribute to the fund to pay for them.
I'm not sure there is anything better than coffee and ESPN at 6am.
Truck drivers must have some awesome CDs and iPod playlists to stand all that driving.
The money that comes with the responsibility in a job is not always worth it. Especially when you're doing everyone else's work while they surf the net and do things for their deadbeat kids.
In 2 months and a handful of days I will be 21, and I feel like there's nothing too exciting about that, which is completely opposite of my thoughts a few months and years ago.

I babbled enough, and the computer screen is making the throbbing in my head worse.
16 minutes left in the work day.
One day, roughly 7 1/2 hours, until I finally get a day off after almost a month without one.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Work, Hockey, Harry Potter, Traffic, and Summer Classes

Guess it's time for a few updates on life. I am currently on day 19 of working 26 days in a row without a day off. Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted. I finally have a day off next Saturday and I fully intend on doing nothing. I don't want to have plans. I have free time, me time, and I'm going to enjoy it. Reading a book in the pool is a likely scenario. I've been working up at Austin Peay every weekday and then have had Premier every other week, as usual. Last weekend I worked for Ashley, which is why I haven't had a day off in forever. The money will be nice though. That's what this is all about, money.
The hockey schedule came out, so it's time to start thinking about where I can afford to go. I am having to teach myself that hockey isn't everything and that trips aren't always that important. I've got to be more responsible with what I spend my money on and get ready for being out of school and taking care of myself. As for trips, I'm hoping to hear something good regarding Jenry's job situation because I really want to go see Sarah in Arizona. The trip would be around fall break, so I could visit longer, and I'd also get to see the Blues play the Coyotes. I think that would be really fun since I've missed her like crazy! I'll have to get over my fear of flying though, so we'll see. The other given would be our trip to St. Louis. The game falls on a Sunday this year, but it's earlier so me and Jenn talked and decided we could drive home that night. That trip was a lot of fun last year, so I'm looking forward to it. Jenn and I had also talked about a spring break trip. In the 3 years, soon to be 4, that I've been in college I have yet to take a spring break trip. Looking at the schedule, the trip that falls around spring break would be a California trip. Again, I'll have to look at money, but that might be pretty awesome.
Contrary to how I thought I'd feel, I'm pretty happy that I only got a half season. There are 16 games on nights I work, and that just is not doable when it comes to getting off. Unless it's someone I really want to see, I doubt I'll be taking many days off. So, here's to hoping my 23 games are on Saturdays or nights I have off. I've already had offers from several people, some who I don't even converse with much, for tickets if I want to go but don't have tickets. I love how nice people can be. See, this is my good karma for giving that guy a ride to Nashville.
That's a whole other story. Tuesday night I was meeting Jenn at Opry Mills at 7:30 to have dinner and then see the new Harry Potter movie. I got my latte and got on the highway. Around mile marker 16 I hit traffic. Not just a slow moving jam, non-moving traffic. Apparently there had been a wreck at exit 19 and both lanes were blocked. I sat on I-24 for 3 hours. So needless to say, I got out and chatted with my "neighbors." The guy in front of me was headed to Nashville to stay the night before a flight in the morning. His son, who was driving him, had to be up at 4 am for work. He asked me if I could take him the rest of the way, and I did because it was on my way. I was happy to help because he was a really nice guy and it was the right thing to do. So that was a night of excitement, save the fact that I felt horrible for Jenn being stuck in line with crazy Harry Potter freaks alone. But the movie rocked and it was worth it, plus I got a good story out of it. Never a dull moment, I swear.
Anyway, my summer class started this past Monday and so far it sucks. It's boring, long, and I'm pretty sure the professor is a stoner. I'm not worried about passing the class because all of the tests are online and you can retake them as many times as you want. I am worried about being motivated to go, not fall asleep, and not leave early. It's that bad. I'm also a little worried because I feel like I'm not learning anything, and I'm pretty sure that as an Accounting major, Accounting II is a pretty important class. One week down, four to go.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Men are from Mars, Women are from.....

So Brittany, from APSU, not the other one, has been trying to hook me up with her boyfriend's twin brother. She gave him my number and we've been texting for the past month or so. Our schedules haven't meshed at all, so when she's gone down there to see Brandon, I haven't been able to go. And when Randall and Brandon have come up here, I've had work or been busy. Next weekend, they're coming up and I've come to the realization that I just can't; I don't have the time. I told him that today. I think he's upset but understands. I'm sure both he and Brittany will be disappointed, but I can't go through life just trying to make everyone else happy. And this may sound shallow, but I think I can do better. I think I'm ok looking. I'm not the skinniest girl in the world, but when I try, I can be pretty hot. He, on the other hand, was a bit overweight, and from reading his texts, not very educated. I'd like a guy to be able to carry an intelligent conversation about something other than sports, even though I enjoy my sports talk from time to time. Is that too much to ask?
I'm perfectly content with being alone right now. School and work aren't leaving much time for anything besides my friends. And friends come first right now. I'm not the kind of girl who ditches her friends over a guy. If a guy can't accept that, then I see that as a flaw.
The prospect of new relationship also made me realize some things about the last attempt. I'm not completely sure I'm over Scott. He called a few weeks ago; I didn't answer. That made me feel a little empowered, even though I really wanted to talk to him. Having known each other for almost 8 years makes it a little hard to just drop each other like a hat. I miss having Sarah here to talk some sense into me about this whole thing. :P
At the moment there are probably only a couple of guys who could change the way things are. Two are longshots, and the other, no matter what I've been told, is not interested even though now I might be. One of these days I'll figure it out, but until then I guess I'll be working on me, myself, and I.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CMA Fest

2009 was my 4th CMA Fest. And it was by far the best yet.
I bought a ticket for the nightly concert on Thursday. Me and Kelly went together. After parking up on 7th Ave and taking a nice walk over the bridge to LP Field, we had to waste time before the show started.
When it finally got going, Brooks & Dunn made my life. Not only did they sing "My Maria", they sang my all-time favorite song "Rock My World Little Country Girl." "Cowgirls Don't Cry" with Reba was also epic.
After they finished their set, Reba came out. As expected, she was amazing.....for three songs. After finishing "Strange", she was interrupted to announce bad weather.
We had to evacuate to the concourse because there were severe storms in the area. There is nothing that hurts more than sitting on a concrete floor for almost three hours. Oh yes, a three hour delay. At least me and Kelly came up with a game. We counted 7. Haha! We stuck it out because we had yet to see Brad Paisley or Dierks Bentley. Had they already performed, I may have left. Around 12:30 am, the music got back underway.
Darius Rucker came out and rocked. Hootie!
Then came Dierks, who is HOT. I mean really hot. He's even better live.
Brad Paisley came next. He is an entertainer, and it's awesome. He can do some amazing things with a guitar. He can do a song that will have you laughing, and then touch your heart with a song like "Then." He and Dierks did "Alcohol" together. I LOVE that song.
Then came the bad news that Rascal Flatts had left early. Due to the storm delay and them having a show in Tulsa the next day, they had to hit the road. A lot of people were upset, but I can honestly say I didn't care much. I hate their new song and have seen them enough to know what to expect. It was a night full of amazing music and some awesome stories came out of it. Getting home at 4am was awesome too. lol

The best part of the night was the guy siting next to Kelly. He ended up having an extra ticket to Sunday's show....which he gave to me. I got a FREE ticket to see Kenny Chesney. Oh yea! Good things happen to good people I guess.

Now for Sunday, I had the same walk as Thursday, but was going it alone. I sat next to the same nice people and ended up chatting with the guy's granddaughter the whole time.
Things kicked off with Joan and Roxy from Army Wives introducing Jack Ingram. The only song I like by him is "Love You", which he sang, and it was awesome.
There were too many acts that I can't keep the order straight, but I think Montgomery Gentry came next. I'm pretty sure Troy had on eyeliner, which was not cute. He used to be hot, but now, not so much. Their set was good. "Gone" was awesome and really got the crowd going.
Miranda Lambert was next. Me and the girl next to me were jamming out. I absolutely love her. She's got the whole angry girl music thing down, and it rocks. Wish she had sang "More Like Her" though, but oh well.
Oh! Heidi Newfield did an acoustic performance which was pretty good. I like the harder version of "Johnny and June" but it was still good.
John Rich did a few songs. Now, I'm not a huge fan of his, but "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" always gets a crowd going. He also brought out Cowboy Troy, whom I LOVE.
Let's see...Oh! Taylor Swift was next. And I swear, I've never heard so many screaming kids. It was really cute to see them get all excited. She was a lot better this time than when I saw her opening for Rascal Flatts in the fall. She did an AMAZING arrangement with "You're Not Sorry", which I already loved. She mixed it up with "What Goes Around" by Justin Timberlake. I don't think a lot of the people there liked it, but I was very impressed.
The special guest for the night was Sugarland. Talk about awesome. Jennifer Nettles is amazing. When she sang "Stay" it got me teared up, as usual. "Settlin' " live is even better than on the album. I was really glad I finally got to see them live though because I've wanted to for awhile now.
Now, the moment I had waited all night for had arrived. Kenny Chesney That man is a true entertainer. "Beer In Mexico," "Summertime," "Went Out Last Night." Best opening three songs of a set EVER. I was rockin' and had hardly no voice left. He played 7 or 8 songs I think. He just wanted to play and you could tell because he kept saying "We just wanna hang out with y'all." And I had no problem with that at all. I think his tractor is mucho sexy!
Once again, I thanked the guy that had given me the ticket. He absolutely made my life. It's nice to know that there are still really decent people out there. I hope he, his wife, and their granddaughter enjoyed the rest of their trip. I got home Sunday night around 2am. Needless to say, it was a weekend of great music with some great people, plus we had some fun up in Clarksville in the pool, watching hockey, eating amazing beer dip, getting sunburnt,a dn seeing Star Trek again. I've got some pretty good friends. And I'm pretty glad Ciara had to take a driving class and got to come hang out for the weekend.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Will real women and men please stand up? No more children please

Another girl from work is leaving. There are two schedulers on each shift. The past three that have left have been on mine: Ciara, Emily, and now Brittany. It's got me wondering if it's me. Am I the problem? Am I such a bitch that people don't want to work with me? There's trouble with friends now too. Am I such a bitch that people don't want to be around me? I have some close friends, but maybe they got past whatever bad personality trait it is I have. Is it so wrong to confront your problems head on? Yes, sometimes it's easier to let things go, but I feel like sometimes things need to be said. Is it wrong that I'd rather say them than pretend everything is ok? Ignorance and avoidance get us nowhere. Be up front with people and say what you mean. Don't be a wuss and take the easy way out. Problems multiply over time, and then situations become unbearable. If it comes down and I only have five or six good friends then so be it. At least I know I'll be able to say whatever I feel needs to be said without getting jumped on for doing so. If you can't handle the truth, don't jump on me for having the balls to say what I think.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget

I'm a firm believer that best friends talk about everything. A best friend is someone you can talk about the tough stuff with and have fun with at the same time. I've had a few best friends, but the characteristics of being one has changed throughout the years. As you get older, you need different things in a friendship. I have found some really good friends in the past few years, and lost some as well. It comes with the whole growing up thing.
Even though it's often hard for people to express what they're really feeling or to talk about the hard things in life, when you find a person who makes it easier, that person is worthy of being kept around.
I hate even thinking about it, but in three weeks Sarah's husband will be out of the military and they will be taking a new step in life. Nothing is official yet, but they'll likely being moving away. Two and a half years ago, I wouldn't have thought that I'd make such a good friend. Apparently laughing at someone's stupidity in Biology lab is what starts an awesome friendship. Since the spring of 2007, we've been through a lot. Her husband's deployment, my Dad's cancer, stupid education classes, and lots and lots of hockey. She has become someone I can talk to about anything. She's helped through so much of the drama I've had go on with Scott. She's been a level head and a voice of reason in my often clouded mind.
Aside from all the mushy stuff, we've had so much fun together. From Predators games, poop books, and trips to Cici's to making fun of Delilah, Unforgivable, and Rick Rolls.
Sarah, you've been like a less bitchy sister to me. I'd trade Kaily for you anyday. :P I'm so happy for you and Jenry and hope that you're happy wherever you guys end up.
And if that happens to be Nashville, well I'd be pretty ok with that. And if it's across the country, I'll find a way to visit.
Can't wait till Atlanta this weekend.
Love you best friend :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


1) What's (Who's?) your favorite team? Nashville Predators

2) What's your least favorite team? Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vancouver Canucks

3) Who's your favorite player? Shea Weber, Paul Kariya

4) Who's your least favorite player? Thomas Holmstrom and Johan Franzen

5) Favorite American team? umm The Preds?

6) Favorite Canadian team? Calgary Flames

7) Favorite International team? Canada :)

8) Who's your favorite goalie? Cam Ward and JS Giguere

9) Least favorite goalie? Roberto Luongo

10) Favorite fighter? David Backes ;)

11) Least favorite fighter? Darcy Hordichuk (Darshy Hordisuck)

12) Favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater? St. Louis's third jersey, Carolina's third jersey, Nashville's away

13) Least favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater? Penguins third jersey

14) Do you like home, away, or "third" jerseys best? So far, the away. Until Nashville's third gets released. If it looks like the mock ups I've seen, that may become my new fave

15) Who do you want to win the Cup? Carolina

17) Which player would you most like to sit and have coffee with? Patrick Marleau

18) What about a beer? Shea Weber ;)

19) How about just watch the game with? Ryan Getzlaf

20) Have an in-depth hockey conversation with? Paul Kariya

21) Do you collect hockey cards, memorabilia, etc? I collect memorabilia: pucks, pictures, giveaways, etc.

22) If so, what's your favorite card? No cards, but I do love my stick autographed by the 07-08 team. And my Shea Weber picture that Mike printed out for me and I had signed. :)

23) Which is worth the most, and what's it worth? My stick and autographed pucks may be worth a little. The jerseys autographed by Weber and Kariya may be worth a little more.

24) Do you live by any hockey players? No. I live an hour away from hockey. Doubt any of them commute that far. haha

26) Do you play hockey? I played roller hockey back in the day.

27) What do you wear to hockey games? Jeans and a jersey. Or if the jerseys have been deemed bad luck, some other Preds paraphernalia. Or if it's the end of the season and I'm doing reverse mojo, a Blues shirt. :P

28) Do you have any "watching hockey rituals" or anything anyone might consider weird? umm I used to have to stand on the ledge behind my seat during the whole 3rd, but I quit doing that. People might consider some of the stuff I yell weird, but me, Sarah, and Ciara always though it was funny. lol

29) What's your favorite hockey memory (as a fan?)
2007 playoffs vs. San Jose when Dumont scored shorthanded
2008 playoffs vs Detroit when Legwand came back on a bad foot and scored
2009 regular season vs Detroit when we WHOOPED Detroit 8-0
February 21, 2009 when me, Jenn, Britney, and Kelly sat behind the Predators bench in St. Louis and Weber scored the lone goal of the game to win in overtime

30) What's your favorite hockey commercial? Verizon--"Best baby in the world!"

31) Who's the nicest player you've met? Brooks Laich, Paul Kariya, Pekka Rinne, Shea Weber, Jarome Iginla. Hell most of them have been decent.

32) Rudest/meanest/most annoying, etc? Boyd Gordon was kinda rude. Ovechkin is a douche.

33) Who's the best looking (AKA 'off ice favourite') Paul or Shea Don't judge :P

34) Other off-handed/off-ice comments? The commentating is half the fun."Weber gets it in deep." HAHA

35) Why do you really like hockey? Its fast-paced, excitement when the goal horn goes off, hard hitting, non-stop action. The feeling I get sitting in my seat, waiting for MY team to take the ice. Telling the other team they suck. Telling the other goaltender he sucks. The hour long drive I make to have that experience. The heart and soul of every single player on that ice. Watching them give everything they've got to get a little piece of rubber past the goaltender. Fighting for them and their teammates honor. The gratitude they feel towards me, the fan. Feeling like my being there makes a difference. Knowing that my sadness at the season being over doesn't even match the feelings they have.But more than anything, the fact that it's unlike any sport on earth. Nothing is as physically and emotionally demanding as hockey.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on school before it's over

I am stressing out. I only have 4 classes this semester, which is a pretty light load for me. 2 of these exams are going to be simple. I have all the answers, literally. He gives us the questions and answers. I just have to memorize them well enough to pick the right one on a multiple choice test. The other two classes have me worried. Accounting has been easy so far because all the tests and homework have been online, so I've had the help of my book. We found out today that the final exam isn't even written by our teacher and it may only be 25 questions long. That means, it may have stuff on it that my professor didn't talk about in class. It also means that if it's 25 questions, I can't miss very many. I'm officially really worried about it. I know I probably shouldn't be, but it's got me worried now. It's tomorrow afternoon, so I'm going to hope for the best and try to enjoy my weekend. The other exam I'm worried about comes Monday morning, bright and early at 8am. Quantitative Methods may be the worst class ever. I can hardly understand the professor, and the highest grade on our first test was a 70. Yes, a 70. And I got it. However, the second test was a much more heartbreaking 64, while the girl in front of me got a 91. WTH? I don't get it at all. He told us what was going to be on the final. Again, it's a combination of multiple choice and actual problems. The problems aren't where I have trouble. I do ok with those for the most part. But I have no clue where he gets these multiple choice questions from. He says it's stuff he goes over in class, but I read my notes and I only missed one class and I still suck at these multiple choice questions. And it doesn't help that they're worth 5 points each. Yea, that sucks. I will be so glad when finals are over. This semester was trying to say the least. Welcome to the Business/Accounting department eh?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I like lists

I stole Sarah's random blog topic generator website because I'm bored stiff at work.
This is a list of some of the things I want to do in life.

1. I want to get married and have kids. Yes, I want to be a soccer (or hockey) mom. I've wanted that for as long as I can remember. I want a family and to be happy. Just not too soon, I'd like to finish school and live a little before I get tied down to anyone.

2. I want to travel. I want to tour Europe and go to Canada. I want to do all the touristy things in the US too. I just want to see things. I love going places and learning about history.

3. I want to see and NHL game in every arena. I can cross 5 of the 30 off my list. But this is something I really want to do.

4. Keeping with the sports theme, I want to go to Fenway Park. The Green Monster has always been cool to me; I don't know why, but I just think it's awesome.

5. I want to see the Predators win the Stanley Cup and be a part of the celebration that follows. Every fan dreams of their team winning the big trophy, but the Stanley Cup is the most coveted trophy in all sports and to have my team win it would be so sweet.

I know these seem like menial things, but I'm young and can't honestly think of much I want to accomplish in life. This is as far as it goes for me right now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Missed Opportunity?

I love softball. Absolutely love it. Part of me always regretted not sticking with it in high school and into college, but the coach at Northeast was a Class A d-bag. But in my head, I always rationalized it by saying that if I had stayed with sports, my grades would have suffered and I wouldn't have got as good of sholarships as I did. I'm not in good shape now, and me not playing anymore definitely has something to do with it. I'm working on getting to a body type I'm comfortable with because I hate the way I look. Today at church, my Dad made some little comment about me not playing anymore, and it made me start thinking about disappointing him. Full ride to school or not, I think he's upset that I don't still play. I hate thinking that he's disappointed in me, but I'm not sure I could balance another ball (no pun intended) with school, work, etc. He said I wasted my talent. Well, it's not like I was gonna play for the Cubs or anything. I just hate the weight of trying to please everyone because things fall off the wagon; I couldn't and can't carry it all for ever. He'll have to be satisfied with me having school paid for and me paying for my own car and expenses.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The 2008-2009 season wrap up

Despite having a separate blog devoted simply to hockey, I have to post something to remember this past season. So many awesome stories came out of the past 7 months. This will more than likely be one long blog of inside jokes.
But here goes. In no particular order:
Oh no you didn't!
Power outages
AMAZING italian food on The Hill
Platform 9 3/4
Awesome birthdays in ATL with AWESOME friends and even more awesome jumbotron messages
Being able to watch a Blues game and actually cheer for them without feeling dirty.
Olympic fountain fun in ATL after and OT win, fueled by a certain #20
Mariah Carey only 3 times (because Jenn is no fun :P )
In the Shadows in everyone's heads for days on end
Record breaking year for Shea in terms of goals and shots on goal
Kangaroo dance
Open bar in St. Louis
Sitting behind the bench, having that moment, and knowing Shea was going to score in OT.
Seeing all but 1 game between the Blues and Preds
Having that 1 game be the only one Kariya played in
Being crazy spontaneous and driving to and from St. Louis in the same night.
"Happy Brad Boyes day! "
Boobie radar
"Coach! I need a generator."
"Hammer has to hold you; I've gotta finish my game."
Driving to and from Philadelphia
"Do you like Shea Weber? I like Shea Weber!"
Oh the missed opportunities with Needledick (Philly guy)
Standing on the bridge looking down at the bus.
Da toof is loose!
Air fives around the arena.
Disney songs in the car...too bad I didn't sleep through that.
"Wanna spoon?"
"Get me a chicken sandwich!"
Delicious nuts and beer cups (ATL)
"We've been spotted"
"Why does he have bare patches in his facial hair?"
"Shave that mess off your face!"
"O'Doyle Rules!"
"Priceless was seeing Smithson in spandex" And the subsequent BARF and TMI
PGS conversations
"Marty is a douche" (Jacob's words not mine)
Making it all season with no appearances, sneaky bastard.
"Ugh, ya know."
"Come hard. Play hard."
Day in the life; happiness
Blackstone fun
Stupid questions from stupid people, building friendships, and watching Ella curl her hair around her fingers. Like mother, like daughter :P
"I want popcorn!"
"You're not JP."
Burned by a 3 year old
"Go Shea?" "Go JP!"
"Czech czech, fuck the midget"
"Ya know"
"Ugh, Suter again? Barf!" (Sorry Kelly :P )
"Ville?! Oh God I can't watch."
Lazy bastard
Pecker is a darsh
Music City Massacre
Carmel apples
AWESOME Christmas presents
Shea & Susie Amish
Rick Rolls
Edited to add:
The Gnome!
Cougars in camouflage
Oh lord, I can't believe I forgot BHM!

I'm sure I've left out a whole bunch, but my memory is crap and I think I have a pretty good list. This season was amazing, and I'm already looking forward to another one.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's simple, really

I think I've figured it out. I was watching TV the other day, and someone said "I don't want to be with him, but I don't want anyone else to either."
Maybe that's what it is. I don't think things would ever be able to work out between me and Scott, but I don't want him to be trying anything with anyone else either. I might feel better about him being with someone else if I was already with someone else, but until then I think it'll bother me. I already know the problems between us, and he doesn't seem to be trying to change anything. So barring any major changes, I think our ship has sailed. He just doesn't communicate well. It's all very short. I know he cares about me because when we were on the phone the other week he said that what I thought mattered because I was his oldest friend. But he does a really bad job at showing it. I care what he thinks about too, but it rarely ever goes past short responses. Maybe this is just another difference between men and women. I want him to talk to me the way I talk to my other friends I guess. My friends and I go on and on, and even though Scott and I are "friends" I feel like we never talk about things that matter. But maybe it's a good thing we don't communicate in that way, because if I had to hear about all the stupid chicks he "talks" to and then stops "talking" to, I'd come through the phone and kill him.
Jealousy and loneliness sure are funny things.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The root of all evil

I like to think I'm a fairly even headed person, but I don't want to act like the grown up I am supposed to be. I want to make bad decisions and have to be bailed out. I want to waste my money on the Predators, and I am and have been doing just that. But reality is a real beeyotch. My bank account is slowly dwindling and I can't start work for pay at APSU until May. I want the Predators to make the playoffs with all my heart, but I don't know how I will do it financially if they make it past the first round. Gas, tickets, and food are freaking expensive. Having a drink or a hot dog at a game adds up over the season.
And I found out that Demetri Martin is coming to Nashville on April 16th. I really want to go. I want to buy the ticket, but I can't help but wonder if the Preds do make the playoffs and have a game that night, I'll be pissed I paid for the ticket to not go to the show. I just don't know. Think I'll do some serious budgeting tomorrow at work.
I started a new blog for all my hockey thoughts. I'm sure the two will intertwine, but oh well.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Overdue updates

Almost a month ago now, I went to St. Louis, which was quite possibly the most amazing trip ever. Not only did Jenn go with, which is awesome in itself, but we sat behind the Preds bench, which made for some interesting stories and looks. The Preds won in overtime on a goal, by the one and only Shea Weber. And we both knew he was gonna score it. Like I said, best trip ever with the best moments ever, plus the best fettuccini alfredo I've ever had in my entire life.

Last weekend, had me road tripping up to Philadelphia. That drive sucked. Virginia and West Virginia combined are the worst states ever. And I thought Illinois was bad. There was nothing but trailers. Seriously. Philadelphia was fun. Did a lot of walking, but we saw the Liberty Bell and ran the Rocky steps. Also saw a really crappy Preds game. We lost and played horribly, but I still had a good time. Was totally being hit on by this Anaheim fan all night, and you know what, it felt good. I always waste my time with idiots who don't have a clue and don't show any interest at all. It was nice to finally be chased in a way. The attention made me feel really good about myself, forgive the fact that he was kinda drunk. Now I'm wishing I had given him my number or exchanged facebooks because maybe there was something there. But we may never know. Either way, it was nice that out of the four of us at the game, I was the one getting attention. That never happens. That alone pretty much made my trip. Apparently, guys up northeast want me. Maybe I should move. Could never do it; it smells up there.

I'm letting myself get back in with the idiot. We texted back and forth while we were driving back from Philadelphia. He wants me to come see him in North Carolina. I can't let myself do it. That's a long drive, and for what? I probably wouldn't get anything out of it. He's been calling a lot lately too. I never answer. He called the other night while me and Jenn were at the Blackstone. He told me he'd call yesterday after I got off work. And of course, I was anxious all day and then nothing. Once again, another let down. Why can't I be like a guy and not worry over every little thing? I want to just let things go and roll with the punches; no pressure. But it never works that way. I'm just a glutton for punishment. If I had any balls at all, I'd block his number. But I just can't do it.

Now spring break is over, and Monday it will be back to real world. Work started yesterday, so now I can't just lay around the house all day like I've done all week. We're halfway through March, so here's hoping the rest of the semester flies by. I need it to be summer so I can start working for pay at the admissions office. My money is dwindling and it's not cool. Especially when I have playoff tickets and season tickets to pay for.
Speaking of season tickets, I'm cutting back to a half season for the next two years at least. You can lock in your prices and pay 2 years over 20 months. So I'm gonna do that. It'll be better as far as driving down there goes. Plus, it won't be as big a conflict with work. Thinking I could continue with full season tickets while in school was foolish. School and work need to come first. I have to graduate and get a good job so I can continue to go to the games. I've got my head screwed on straight, just have to make myself follow it through.

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 honest things

Sarah tagged me awhile back, and I'm just now getting around to doing this.
I'm supposed to write 10 honest things.
I'm not tagging other people cuz I don't follow that many blogs.

1. I prefer to drive alone. There's nothing quite as relaxing as cranking the music and driving down the highway. It's my happy place.

2. I'm afraid of change. I'm not big on meeting new people, trying new restaurants, or going new places. I'm too shy to initiate conversations with people I'm not comfortable with. And I'm too picky to eat new places for fear of spending money of something I won't like. And going places I've never been just scares the crap out of me. I think about all the possible things that can go wrong. I like sticking with doing things the way I have been. But I must say, I've had some good experiences at some new restaurants and in new places. And I even chatted up a stranger in Philadelphia. All were flukes. I'll stay in my comfort zone for the most part.

3. I don't believe that time heals all wounds. Time passes and people come back and re-open wounds. And I am one of those people who just can't get over things. It's a huge flaw. I hold onto grudges and all kinds of other things. Most of the time I keep it to myself, even if it's bugging the hell out of me.

4. I love being praised and complimented. Ever since I was a kid, I've been a glory-seeker. I like being told when I've done something good. That small thing usually makes my day.

5. I hate listening to people bitch. Everyone needs to vent every once in awhile, but the excessiveness of it annoys the crap out of me. Somehow I am always the one people come to, and I like that I really do. But I feel like it's never my turn. I always feel like I'm burdening other people.

6. Sports are my way of connecting with my Dad. My favorite thing is when we get to sit down and have coffee and watch Sportscenter together. We may not talk, but I love spending that time with him. I don't think he really likes hockey, but the fact that he makes an effort to look at the scores and talk to me about it makes me really happy.

7. I put everyone else first. I come off as a bitch at times, but I am always worrying about if people think I'm mean. Unless someone forces me to do something good for myself instead, I'll do things for other people. I wish I could stop because I've gotten taken advantage of way too many times.

8. I don't hate my job. It has bad days, but I like what I do and the fact that I can get online when we're slow. I generally like the people I work with too. Everyone hates their jobs and has days where they'd love to walk out, and I'm no different. I just try to make the best out of it, because let's face it, no one else will give me this type of money and these good of hours. It's the perfect situation for me while I'm still in school. You have to make the best out of your bad days.

9. Lots of people like me and think I'm nice, but I genuinely think I have only a handful of close friends, and even they don't know nearly as much about me as I know about them. I tend to be shy and not want to trouble people with my stupid drama.

10. I allow myself to get talked into things way too easily. Which is partly to blame for me not being so financially responsible. I need to learn to say no, even though I want to be able to go out and be a part of the group.

Coming up with 10 things may be the most difficult thing ever, It took almost my whole shift at work. Geez, who could have though coming up with 10 honest things would be so hard?

Friday, February 27, 2009

random tidbits

Since I have lots to catch up on and cover, I'm gonna break this into two blogs. That way I have something to do tomorrow while I'm stuck at work for 7 hours.
Nickelback concert was Wednesday. Gotta say, I felt weird about going alone, but I ended up having a blast. I sang my heart out and danced so much I was sore the next day. The show was amazing. Those guys are true performers. The ticket was cheaper and the entertainment value was better than Rascal Flatts.
Having sat alone at the last 2 Preds games, it seems like it's becoming a common thing. I enjoy myself when I have people with me, but I find I pay a little more attention when I'm alone. And I don't have a horrible time. Conversation is just a few sections or a text message away.
It'll be nice to have someone with me again though. Driving to and from Nashville alone 3 times this week pretty much sucked.
Recap from St. Louis will come tomorrow.
So much to discuss. Plus Sarah tagged me with some b.s. So maybe I'll do that too.
Regardless, I'm about to leave work for the night.
Back bright and early in the morning.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hockey thoughts

I don't know who lit a fire under the Preds, but I like it. It's about time they actually start playing 60 full minutes of hockey. Even though I must say, if they had lost to St. Louis Thursday, I would have been pissed. The fact that they came out and beat the number 1 team in the East last night makes me really happy. They outplayed them all night. Legwand, Erat, and Jones were everywhere. That is our top line. Arnott, Dumont, and Sullivan who? Seriously, I've had it with Sullivan. Him being on the point on the first power play unit is ridiculous. Weber has a shot of over 103 mph and he's sitting on the bench. Now, I know I'm a known Weber fangirl, but this has nothing to do with that. Him and Suter are our best two defenseman and we have that midget who can't keep the puck in the zone out there while Weber sits. Shea should be on the ice for the whole two minutes. The fact that he's not once again points to issues with the coaching. Trotz clearly doesn't understand. He is so in love with all of his veterans that he often times overlooks the good things going on with the young guys. Jones gets punished for mistakes that Arnott and Dumont make on a regular basis. How do you expect him to build confidence and get better if you just keep benching and demoting him? Talk him through it and help him become a better player, don't stifle him and ruin his career. But back to Sullivan; I get that he hasn't played in two years, and believe me it brought tears to my eyes to see him back on the ice, but he is not the Sullivan from two years ago. He doesn't have his speed back and he avoids contact in the corners. He struggles to hold the puck in the zone on the power play and it causes us to have to waste time regrouping. It's frustrating. I just want us to be icing the 5 best guys we have for the man advantage. Shouldn't that be common sense? I know I'm not the only one that sees this.
Since this is clearly a hockey blog, let's talk about the crazy week ahead.
Leaving for St. Louis on Friday with the girls. Saying I can't wait would be the understatement of the year. We have two home games before then, one against St. Louis. It's tough, but I love both teams. And I hate when the Blues kill us, but I want them to do good as well. I want The Preds to win in St. Louis though. Honestly, they could lose every game from here on out if they win that one. I don't want to be behind the bench and have the see the disappointed looks on their faces. We want a happy St. Louis trip.
Tap, tap cheese :)
Two weeks after that trip, I'm doing the craziest thing I've ever done. Me, Kelly, Britney, and Ciara are DRIVING to Philadelphia. The Preds play the Flyers on March 7th. So we're leaving the 6th and coming home the 8th. Crashing with Ciara should be fun, and of course getting our old road trip group back together will be awesome. Like I told Ciara, I bet $20 that some nasty truckers sees boobs. haha It'll be fun, but it's still crazy. Total of 26+ hours in the car. And of course, we'll be those girls. Can't go hundreds of miles away and not be. I just don't want that crazy reputation. So Ciara better stay out of Jordin's hotel room.
Either way, it'll be an exciting few weeks. You only live once right? Gotta do all that I can before reality kicks in and I have to be an adult.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got soul

The Killers concert last night was epic.
Brightside and All These Things made my month. Seriously.
I think I've decided to go to Nickelback alone.
Jenn said it'll be good for me. I've gotta learn to not care what other people think so much.
The best two available together are on the 300's. I will not pay almost the same amount of money to sit way up there. So club level here I come.
If the others want to go, I guess we'll meet up beforehand or after, but I think this will be good for me. I can dance and jump up and down without a care. I <3 Nickelback.

I've got my part of the hotel in St. Louis paid for.
Gonna start putting any extra cash I have in an envelope for the ticket, food, and anything else I might want to blow money on.
I seriously cannot wait.
The 12th will be awesome because, well 4 rows behind the Blues bench. It doesn't get much better than that.
So I've got this feeling that this month will fly by. Lots of games, a couple shows at the Blackstone, the Nickelback show, and the trip. Gonna be intensely busy, but I am geeked.
Speaking of being geeked, Britney rocks. Seriously.
I wasn't aware that Weber had an All Star shirt. Well, apparently he does. And Britney got me one for Christmas.
Yea, I'm pretty sure I have awesome friends.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just let me vent

My freaking hormones are everywhere. Up, down, and all around.
Sometimes I seriously hate being a woman.
This is going to be one of those blogs where I just complain.
Today, it'll be my sister.
I bought her and her friend Preds tickets a couple weeks ago and have yet to see the money.
Yet, she's paraded in and out of the house with new shoes, a new wallet, and has gone and bought a bridesmaid's dress. It's $20. Seriously?!
Now, I'm not in a desperate need for the money, but it's a decency thing. It's like she walks around thinking she's on top of the world and doesn't have to worry about anything. She's irresponsible about almost everything.
She says her biggest fear is disappointing our parents. And I get that. I'm always worried about that too. But if you're so worried, you work your tail off to make sure you don't do anything that could possibly disappoint them. The fact that she goes out and parties all the time irritates me. She still hasn't told them she failed three classes last semester because of all the partying she did. Granted, she's retaking two of them this semester, so the grades will be replaced. But part of being responsible is being honest. Admit that you made a mistake and learn from it. Change your ways and move on with your life. I'm in no way trying to say that I'm perfect because I've made mistakes too. Maybe I just take school more seriously. I know that my future depends on it. If I want to get a good job and move to Nashville and be able to buy and do the things I want to (i.e. Preds tickets), I have to graduate within a reasonable amount of time and with a good understanding of what it is I want to do in my career.
No, I don't have all the answers. But she has put no thought into what she wants to do. She decided to get out of nursing because A&P was too hard. Basing decisions like that on one class seems ridiculous to me. But maybe that's the immaturity. Sometimes I forget that she is 18, but when I see flashes of the mature adult she can be, it gets confusing. I don't want to be her mother, but part of me feels like I got/get the brunt of the parenting. I feel like I am the one who is always under the microscope when it comes to things like school and doing things around the house. I get lecture upon lecture, while she continues the same actions I've gotten lectured for. If my parents won't try to provide some kind of structure, I feel like I have to. I know she doesn't like me trying to tell her things, but I only tell her what I've learned from my experiences. I'm trying to help her avoid the mistakes I've made. She tells me to leave her alone, but if I do that I'm afraid she'll end up on the wrong road. Maybe the me trying to be a mother thing came from me always having to be the other adult when my dad was gone. It wasn't easy growing up in a house like that, but we didn't have a choice.
Maybe after her second semester she'll realize that she can't continue the way she is. Honestly, I don't see anything changing. I still see her being irresponsible with her money and complaining to mom and dad. And it'll continue that way until I can afford to be on my own again. As much as it irritates me, that is life and it's what I'll have to deal with for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

People in glass houses.....

Kangaroo dance was a moment of weakness. One time that happened.
And apparently that puts me on the same level of crazy as Kelly.
Less than a month till St. Louis. Good lord I wish it was NOW.

School has started up. It's not too bad. Only have one crazy professor.
Guess I'll have to deal.
I only have 4 classes and books cost me over $500
That kills me. And I'm sure I'll get $25 when I return them. Simply ridiculous.
Working, Schooling, and exercising
Staying busy, which isn't such a bad thing.
No home hockey games till the 3rd, which I'm missing due to work. So my next game will be the 5th. It's a welcome break from the constant driving to and from Nashville, which is pretty much what February will be. 3 games a week for most of the month. Something like ten home games next month.
Killers show next Saturday. Looking forward to that and to our group's Christmas, which we delayed due to everyone being broke.
I hate wrapping presents though.
I'm in the middle of trying to get Nickelback tickets as well. I refuse to sit anywhere but club level. Why isn't important.
Here's hoping Mac comes through and me putting up with the flirting finally gets me somewhere.
Trying to push through the last 2 hours of work with the wet blanket. All Star stuff awaits me when I get home. I'm planting my fat, happy butt in front of the TV for the skills competitions tonight.
Maybe I'll keep motivated and do some aerobic step while I watch, even though sitting down with some pie sounds so much better.
Why is being fat so much easier than being thin?
I miss being lazy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm going to end up with cats.
Named six and nine.
Hopefully I won't need a three, d, s, and f.
^5 Britney
Here's hoping it's true and time really does heal all wounds.
Relationships are hard, but sometimes the lack of one is harder.
Something's gotta turn around soon.

Weber is hurt. Guess that's what I get for hoping he'd play in all the games this season.
I swear, if it's not one thing it's another.
Poor guy.
Just hope this doesn't hinder his All Star appearance.
And I am very thankful I have a fairly decent head on my shoulders and didn't blow $300+ on an All Star jersey.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

and I know that my heart will go on

Celine Dion has been in my head for days.
It makes being mean to Britney that much easier.
So the Preds suck.
Being at home sucks.
Work sucks.
And school starts in two weeks.
That's a big ball of FAIL
Things just haven't been going too well lately.
Being sick makes it all just a little worse.
But this sick thing may work to my advantage if Ashley won't work for me Wednesday and Thursday.
Jacob is a rockstar for putting together the greatest radio show ever. Shea and Legwand will be there Wednesday. So Sarah wants to go....and of course I want to go.
But I have to get off work first.
I'm afraid they're going to start hating me. I'm leaving at noon today, and then need Wednesday and Thursday off.
I'm missing the Avs game Tuesday, so I guess it could be worse.
Frankly, I'm just not sure I care.
I am the best person they've got in scheduling, so it's not like I'm afraid I'll lose my job. I just don't want to piss people off. But I've been here for the longest, and I hardly ever take off. And I've never called out. So if Ashley won't work for me, I'll probably just end up calling out.
This is exactly why I wish they had let us change the schedule. I would much rather have had to work Mondays and Wednesdays and ever other weekend. I think they were just afraid of change. But honestly, with 3 out of the 4 of us being college students, that would have worked out so much better. But no one seems to care. I should just be here for 2 more years, and after that things should start to work out.
I can't wait to graduate and get a good job, house, etc.