Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hamhuis sucks trade him

Yes that is Hammer's full name. Coined by Ciara.
So, Atlanta pretty much rocked.
Predators win in overtime, on a goal from Suter surprisingly enough. Gotta admit, it was a pretty bangin' play. Atlanta has the nicest arena I've seen, really. The concessions are really good and the set up is just really nice. I'm jealous.
All the fun after the game was quite entertaining too. Playing in the Olympic fountains after a win was priceless.
Driving all the way home the next day only to watch the Preds flat out suck, was not so enjoyable.
It's good to be home again, but being shocked backed to reality with a paper due tomorrow that I forgot about is not cool.
Still debating whether or not I feel like doing it at all.
One week left of classes. Then it's working two jobs for the whole break. Gotta pay for my hockey trips somehow.

It's supposed to snow tonight.
Too bad Austin Peay sucks and never cancels class.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maybe I should use this thing

That's what he said BTW ;)
I set it up cuz Jenn sent me an e-mail awhile ago about hers.
Figured maybe I should use it since my livejournal is WAY behind.
Haven't been on there in forever.

So it's Thanksgiving and I'm at work.
Yay for time and a half.
Tomorrow I'm driving to Chattanooga alone. Picking up Kelly there and heading to Atlanta.
Friday night will have me with my best friends (minus Jenn) in Phillips arena watching the Predators hopefully winning. Shea bay bay with another goal? Please.... :)
Staying the night at the Westin. Fancy pants I know.
Then me and Kelly will be coming back Saturday in time for the Preds home game that night.
Busy weekend ahead of me, but I need it.
School is driving me crazy, as are my parents.
I get that they're smart and know more about life, but do they really have to get onto me about the money I spend?
So I like hockey and it makes me happy. I have enough money to do it, so why not?
I can't wait to graduate and get a house so I can make decisions without be micromanaged.
They'll be even more pissed if they find out how much I'm planning on spending to go to St. Louis in February.
Such is life.

Speaking of St. Louis, Paul Kariya is a pansy.
Tuesday was a fantastic waste of time.