Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it really almost March?

This semester seems to be flying by. Spring break is the week after next. It's already March! I'm not complaining by any means. I am so ready for summer! Me and Ciara will be going to Destin for Chastity's wedding in May, and I cannot wait to be on the beach for some relaxation!
Classes are going well this semester. After this, I only have 2 left, and that prospect thrills me! Granted I have no idea what I want to do after graduation, but I'm choosing to ignore that. I'm just ready to be done with sitting through lectures in crowded classrooms.
Work is going ok. I'm still covering for everyone all the time. I got roped into working spring break, so that should be fun. I am getting better at the whole asking off and not worrying about it. If other people get their weeks off, I'm going to get my measly one day that I ask for. I'm growing balls! Yay progress! Jennifer's maternity leave started yesterday, so the mess of getting the other girls to work started Friday night with me working alone and today with the girl working a half day. Guess some coverage is better than none right?
The Olympic break is almost over and there have been some ups and downs in my "relationship" with Jacob. I've made an idiot out of myself more than once while talking to him, but we seem to still be on track. At least I hope so. He was giving me grief for cheering for Canada last night. He only seems to text me about hockey related stuff. If that's how he gets the nerve to talk to me, then I'm perfectly ok with that. I'm ready to get back to the arena and get some more face time though. I've missed that over the past almost month now. We both seem to be pretty inept at this, so we'll see where it goes from here.
I paid for my Predators playoff tickets in full. So if they flop and disappoint at least that money will go to my balance. Sarah is coming back to visit in three weeks. We're going to St. Louis and I am so excited! Can't believe it crept up already. Seriously, time is flying. It's insane! But I'm excited to see my BFF again, even if only for 2 days or so :)

Guess I'll go back to being bored at work.
An hour and a half longer.....