Friday, February 27, 2009

random tidbits

Since I have lots to catch up on and cover, I'm gonna break this into two blogs. That way I have something to do tomorrow while I'm stuck at work for 7 hours.
Nickelback concert was Wednesday. Gotta say, I felt weird about going alone, but I ended up having a blast. I sang my heart out and danced so much I was sore the next day. The show was amazing. Those guys are true performers. The ticket was cheaper and the entertainment value was better than Rascal Flatts.
Having sat alone at the last 2 Preds games, it seems like it's becoming a common thing. I enjoy myself when I have people with me, but I find I pay a little more attention when I'm alone. And I don't have a horrible time. Conversation is just a few sections or a text message away.
It'll be nice to have someone with me again though. Driving to and from Nashville alone 3 times this week pretty much sucked.
Recap from St. Louis will come tomorrow.
So much to discuss. Plus Sarah tagged me with some b.s. So maybe I'll do that too.
Regardless, I'm about to leave work for the night.
Back bright and early in the morning.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hockey thoughts

I don't know who lit a fire under the Preds, but I like it. It's about time they actually start playing 60 full minutes of hockey. Even though I must say, if they had lost to St. Louis Thursday, I would have been pissed. The fact that they came out and beat the number 1 team in the East last night makes me really happy. They outplayed them all night. Legwand, Erat, and Jones were everywhere. That is our top line. Arnott, Dumont, and Sullivan who? Seriously, I've had it with Sullivan. Him being on the point on the first power play unit is ridiculous. Weber has a shot of over 103 mph and he's sitting on the bench. Now, I know I'm a known Weber fangirl, but this has nothing to do with that. Him and Suter are our best two defenseman and we have that midget who can't keep the puck in the zone out there while Weber sits. Shea should be on the ice for the whole two minutes. The fact that he's not once again points to issues with the coaching. Trotz clearly doesn't understand. He is so in love with all of his veterans that he often times overlooks the good things going on with the young guys. Jones gets punished for mistakes that Arnott and Dumont make on a regular basis. How do you expect him to build confidence and get better if you just keep benching and demoting him? Talk him through it and help him become a better player, don't stifle him and ruin his career. But back to Sullivan; I get that he hasn't played in two years, and believe me it brought tears to my eyes to see him back on the ice, but he is not the Sullivan from two years ago. He doesn't have his speed back and he avoids contact in the corners. He struggles to hold the puck in the zone on the power play and it causes us to have to waste time regrouping. It's frustrating. I just want us to be icing the 5 best guys we have for the man advantage. Shouldn't that be common sense? I know I'm not the only one that sees this.
Since this is clearly a hockey blog, let's talk about the crazy week ahead.
Leaving for St. Louis on Friday with the girls. Saying I can't wait would be the understatement of the year. We have two home games before then, one against St. Louis. It's tough, but I love both teams. And I hate when the Blues kill us, but I want them to do good as well. I want The Preds to win in St. Louis though. Honestly, they could lose every game from here on out if they win that one. I don't want to be behind the bench and have the see the disappointed looks on their faces. We want a happy St. Louis trip.
Tap, tap cheese :)
Two weeks after that trip, I'm doing the craziest thing I've ever done. Me, Kelly, Britney, and Ciara are DRIVING to Philadelphia. The Preds play the Flyers on March 7th. So we're leaving the 6th and coming home the 8th. Crashing with Ciara should be fun, and of course getting our old road trip group back together will be awesome. Like I told Ciara, I bet $20 that some nasty truckers sees boobs. haha It'll be fun, but it's still crazy. Total of 26+ hours in the car. And of course, we'll be those girls. Can't go hundreds of miles away and not be. I just don't want that crazy reputation. So Ciara better stay out of Jordin's hotel room.
Either way, it'll be an exciting few weeks. You only live once right? Gotta do all that I can before reality kicks in and I have to be an adult.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got soul

The Killers concert last night was epic.
Brightside and All These Things made my month. Seriously.
I think I've decided to go to Nickelback alone.
Jenn said it'll be good for me. I've gotta learn to not care what other people think so much.
The best two available together are on the 300's. I will not pay almost the same amount of money to sit way up there. So club level here I come.
If the others want to go, I guess we'll meet up beforehand or after, but I think this will be good for me. I can dance and jump up and down without a care. I <3 Nickelback.

I've got my part of the hotel in St. Louis paid for.
Gonna start putting any extra cash I have in an envelope for the ticket, food, and anything else I might want to blow money on.
I seriously cannot wait.
The 12th will be awesome because, well 4 rows behind the Blues bench. It doesn't get much better than that.
So I've got this feeling that this month will fly by. Lots of games, a couple shows at the Blackstone, the Nickelback show, and the trip. Gonna be intensely busy, but I am geeked.
Speaking of being geeked, Britney rocks. Seriously.
I wasn't aware that Weber had an All Star shirt. Well, apparently he does. And Britney got me one for Christmas.
Yea, I'm pretty sure I have awesome friends.