Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 day meme: Day 2

Today's post is a photo of something you ate today.

I had to work at 5, so I ate dinner early instead of starving at work. We had leftover ham in the fridge, but I wasn't feeling that. Sometimes you have all this food, but only want one thing. It would have been easier to heat up leftovers, but I was craving pasta.

I made some shell noodles and then found some alfredo sauce in the pantry.

I decided after eating it that the Great Value brand of alfredo sauce is not as good as the name brand, It's nice saving money on it, but the brand name tastes much better.

Maybe next time I'll stick to putting butter on my noodles instead of buying cheap alfredo sauce.

Tomorrow Jenn & I are going to St. Louis for the Preds game, so there probably won't be a post. I highly doubt I'll get up in the morning to blog. Considering I haven't packed yet, I'll probably be throwing a bag together.

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Ashley said...

I'm a big fan of buttered noodles with parmesan cheese. Yummy.